• National Archives
    National Archives
    inlingua Washington DC students enjoying a visit to the National Archives after English Class.
  • National Archives
    National Archives
    inlingua Washington DC young professional students enjoying visit to the National Archives during their Intensive English program.
  • Friends from around the world
    Friends from around the world
    International friendships are one of the great joys of studying English at inlingua Washington DC.
  • Downtown DC
    Downtown DC
    After ESL classes, enjoy afternoon activities in Washington DC as part of your study abroad program.

Why Choose inlingua Washington DC?

Here are just a few reasons to study English at inlingua Washington DC:

  • We are in a superb location – minutes away from downtown DC and only steps away from historic Georgetown, with its bustling, festive streets, amazing nightlife, top notch restaurants, and first class shops.
  • We only provide qualified and experienced English teachers whose native language is English. Our teachers are devoted to giving dynamic and effective English instruction to help you achieve your English learning goals more rapidly. With maximum class sizes of 14 students.
  • Our TOEFL/iBT examination center, located in our first class computer & language lab, has 30 state-of-the-art workstations. In 2015, inlingua was awarded the Top IELTS Testing Center award for the fifth year in a row – we are the only center in the area and also the largest official IELTS Testing Center in the United States.
  • Inlingua Washington DC serves as a great gateway to a wide array of colleges and universities in the area.
  • We provide 9 different levels of English training, along with advanced programs and test prep. We are accredited by the CEA and thus uphold CEA Standards for English Language Programs and Institutions. Member of English USA.
  • We offer an outstanding social activities program, one that is always filled with outings all over the city and surrounding areas.
  • We provide accommodation services to help our students find the best and most comfortable places to live while studying at inlingua.
  • For more information about what makes Inlingua Washington DC a great location to learn English, see our Student Destination Guide.


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