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"When I have chosen Inlingua I was looking for a school that could help me to get more conversation. Lessons are dynamic. Lessons are different all days. Teachers are qualified, helpful and friendly. They stimulate conversation in different ways. Teachers assign homework and they check and correct them in class together. Tests and spelling words help to remember what we have studied in class. Location is close to Rosslyn metro station. Good and strategic position. I met good classmates. Time of the lesson flies away..... Desks are a little bit small....perhaps I grew too much!"

Massimo, student from Italy April 28, 2016

ESL student

In general, I had a good experience at Inlingua. I learned many things and it was important for me to improve my English.

Bruna, student from Brazil October 8, 2015

English student

Classes were very interesting and included many activities. My teacher Diana was perfect. I liked the location of the school building. Activities were very interesting.

Artemiy, student from Russia October 8, 2015

English student

The school is really good and the location is great for all of those who live in Virginia and Washington DC.

Paula Soledad Tenca, student from Argentina October 8, 2015

English student

Inlingua is a very good language school. The classes are very interesting, the teachers are prepared to deal with students of other languages. The location is very good, close to the metro station Rosslyn. I liked so much this experience there.

Michell, student from Brazil October 8, 2015

English student

First of all, Inlingua has an excellent quality of teaching which is why I will definitely recommend this school. Secondly, I used to live with a host family. My family was very great and friendly, my host mum was always asking me about what do I want for dinner. I had a big room with my own bathroom and also a living room, my own house key so I could leave whenever I wanted, I felt at home. Furthermore, Inlingua has an excellent location in Arlington just near the Metro Station and some restaurants. However, Inlingua doesn't allow coffee in the classroom and if you are 10 min late you will be marked absent. But finally, I definitely recommend this school because of its quality of teaching, its location and its Host Family program

Cheick - Mali October 8, 2015

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