• National Archives
    National Archives
    inlingua Washington DC students enjoying a visit to the National Archives after English Class.
  • National Archives
    National Archives
    inlingua Washington DC young professional students enjoying visit to the National Archives during their Intensive English program.
  • Friends from around the world
    Friends from around the world
    International friendships are one of the great joys of studying English at inlingua Washington DC.
  • Downtown DC
    Downtown DC
    After ESL classes, enjoy afternoon activities in Washington DC as part of your study abroad program.


Frequently Asked Questions



Please contact our Agents or Representatives in your city, or contact us directly to find out about special promotions that we offer from time to time.


Payments can be made in 5 possible ways, and always in US dollars:

  • Wire Transfer: This is the best option for Agents or Students located overseas.
  • Check: Best option for Agents located in the US.
  • Credit Card: Good option. There is a 5% fee for paying by credit card. Visa, MasterCard, and American Express are accepted.
  • Traveler's checks: Good and safe option when Students want to pay some money directly to inlingua after arrival.
  • In Cash: Possible when payment is made directly by the Agent or the Student. Please do not mail any cash.


Students at inlingua Washington DC come from all over the world. We welcome students from many other countries like Brazil, Saudi Arabia, Switzerland, Colombia, Taiwan, China, Turkey, Venezuela, France, Italy, Germany, Peru, Ecuador, Costa Rica,  UAE, Qatar, Kuwait, Russia and others. During the summer months we might have students from over 25 different countries in our classrooms.

A typical student at inlingua is a person who motivated person and who wants to improve his/her language skills. Usually speaking and listening skills are very important to our students. However, our lesson plans teach international students all the skills - speaking, listening, reading, writing, grammar, pronunciation - and can help prepare them to take various tests such as TOEFL iBT, Cambridge FCE, Cambridge CAE, and many more.


A large percentage of our students are between 18 to 30 years old, but there are also lots of executives and adults over 30 or students under 18 who find inlingua Washington DC a vibrant, engaging language school, and  place where they can improve their English.


You are going to make a lot of friends at inlingua Washington DC. The school Activities arranged by our Activities Coordinators will create many opportunities for you to meet other students and Americans to practice your English, enjoy your time abroad, and go on  excursions around Washingon, DC, Northern Virginia, and Maryland.


This really comes down to your goals and your schedule. This means you should ask yourself several questions:

  • How quickly do I want to learn English?
  • Do I wish to explore the US? Do I have time to spend visiting other parts of the country, or am I simply going to studying English?
  • What is the purpose of me studying and learning English?

These aren't probably the only questions you will ask. Again, it is about what fits your needs and aims.

Yes. We guarantee it. Our teaching method and instructors will give all the students time to speak and practice English in their lessons. And remember that we can offer competitive prices thanks to our balanced class size.


Inlingua Washington DC offers semi-private English lessons for students who wish to be in a classroom setting with fewer students. Plus, we also offer private tutoring.

There are  between 200 and 300 students at inlingua.

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