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    National Archives
    inlingua Washington DC students enjoying a visit to the National Archives after English Class.
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    National Archives
    inlingua Washington DC young professional students enjoying visit to the National Archives during their Intensive English program.
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    Friends from around the world
    International friendships are one of the great joys of studying English at inlingua Washington DC.
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    After ESL classes, enjoy afternoon activities in Washington DC as part of your study abroad program.

Express test preparation

Academic Skills Training in Listening, Speaking, Reading, Writing :

  • 3-day courses
  • 9 hours each

Academic Skills Workshops are three-day courses that run from 3:00 – 6:00 p.m. Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday on the following schedule.
Academic skills workshops allow students to have guided, targeted practice on language skill areas which are necessary to be competitive in today’s academic and professional marketplaces.
Our skill workshops are modeled on two of the primary standardized tests which are used for university entry, immigration, and hiring.
These workshops are intended to supplement academic-oriented courses and not to replace full test preparation courses.
Students studying English for professional purposes will also benefit from these workshops. Discounts are available for those already enrolled.

Academic Skills for TOEFL Listening:

2-Feb, 8-Mar, 5-Apr, 3-May, 7-Jun, 5-Jul, 2-Aug, 6-Sep, 4-Oct, 8-Nov, 6-Dec/2016

Academic Skills for TOEFL Reading:

9-Feb, 15-Mar, 12-Apr, 10-May, 14-Jun, 12-Jul, 9-Aug, 13-Sep, 11-Oct, 15-Nov, 13-Dec/2016

Academic Skills for TOEFL Speaking:

16-Feb, 22-Mar, 19-Apr, 17-May, 21-Jun, 19-Jul, 16-Aug, 20-Sep, 18-Oct, 20-Dec/2016

Academic Skills for TOEFL Writing:

23-Feb, 29-Mar, 26-Apr, 24-May, 28-Jun, 26-Jul, 30-Aug, 27-Sep, 25-Oct, 29-Nov, 27-Dec/2016

IELTS Express:

  • 1-day and 3-day courses
  • 5 hours and 9 hours each

IELTS workshops concentrate on teaching tips and strategies specific to the IELTS Academic and General Training Modules.

These are recommended for all test-takers as a way to become familiar with the exam and to understand how correct answers differ from those which are incorrect.
IELTS Boot Camp (Three days):

16-Feb, 22-Mar, 19-Apr, 17-May, 21-Jun, 19-Jul, 16-Aug, 20-Sep, 18-Oct, 20-Dec

One-day IELTS Workshop:

22-Jan, 12-Feb, 26-Feb, 11-Mar, 25-Mar, 8-Apr, 22-Apr, 13-May, 27-May, 10-Jun, 24-Jun, 8-Jul, 22-Jul, 12-Aug, 26-Aug, 9-Sep, 23-Sep, 14-Oct, 28-Oct, 4-Nov, 18-Nov, 2-Dec, 16-Dec

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