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3 Secrets to Learning English That Everyone Misses
3 Secrets to Learning English That Everyone Misses

If you are interested in studying English, you may be feeling a little anxious about how you will learn the language. Many language learners feel nervous and unsure when they first embark on these types of learning experiences; however, we’ve identified 3 secrets to learning English that everyone misses.

Most people become so focused on learning the vocabulary and grammar that they miss doing these simple things to help them learn English faster and easier. For example, why would you begin learning English blindly? You need some idea about how to learn the language and be successful from the very beginning.

The Best and Worst Times to Visit Washington DC
The Best and Worst Times to Visit Washington DC

Have you decided to study English? If so, hopefully, you have already learned that it is much more effective to study in person rather than solely online – preferably overseas rather than in your own home country.

Luckily for you, inlingua is a premier language school in Washington, DC. Traveling to the United States to immerse yourself in the language is a fantastic idea, but choosing to study English in Washington, DC is even better! This is because Washington, DC offers a plethora of cultural experiences giving students who choose language schools in DC, such as inlingua, the added tourism experience.

4 Common Mistakes That English Language Students Must Avoid
4 Common Mistakes That English Language Students Must Avoid

Learning English is a great way to set yourself apart in the world. You will be able to further your education and your career by speaking another language. You will be able to travel to English speaking countries with ease. If you go about learning English the right way, it can be fun!

Unfortunately, there are some common mistakes that English language students tend to make without even realizing it. They begin to study the language and then wonder why they are not learning it as quickly as they’d like. This is often because they are letting their own fears hold back them back. If you are full of fear and worry, you will not be able to properly learn English. While it is natural to be a little anxious when you are learning something new, if fear takes over, it will hinder your learning experience altogether.

Have no fear! We want to share 4 common mistakes that English language students must avoid, thus helping you succeed and become a proficient English speaker.

Why You Should Stop Learning English Online (Alone)
Why You Should Stop Learning English Online (Alone)

Have you been considering learning English from an online program or course? It seems like more and more of these online English language programs are being developed. While computer-based learning can add some additional value, online courses simply cannot offer a language immersion learning experience like a true language school does.

While these online courses may be a cheaper option, you will not be receiving the same quality language training. They are often focused on vocabulary and grammar, and not on conversational speaking. Additionally, they may not be accredited. True English language schools should be accredited by a reputable organization. Accreditation organizations recognize a school’s ability to teach, test, and accommodate students.

Still tempted by the cheap cost and the ease of learning in front of a screen? Don’t do it. Let me tell you 8 reasons why you have to stop learning English online and should study English in Washington, DC.

8 Tips to Help You Pick an English Language School
8 Tips for Picking an English Language School

Are you thinking about attending an English language school? This is a great option for those individuals desiring a full English learning experience. If you choose carefully, you can find a school that teaches you more than the basic grammar and vocabulary. You can find programs that teach you to communicate effectively and with ease.

Choosing the right English language school is an important decision. You must look at all your options and determine which school is the best fit for your needs. With many English Language Schools to research, you may be feeling overwhelmed. No need to worry – we are here to help.

Before you begin your research, you should identify what traits are the most important when choosing a language school. Here are 8 tips to help you pick an English Language School:

Study English in the morning and play soccer in the afternoon!
Soccer in the Park
Students play soccer in Rosslyn Gateway Park, across the street from Inlingua Washington DC.
Students play soccer in Rosslyn Gateway Park, across the street from Inlingua Washington DC.

After a cool and rainy start to the month of May, summer is finally here in Washington, DC and at Inlingua…just in time for our May 31 – July 22 session! The temperatures are rising and our students are eager to get outside and enjoy all that the area has to offer.

Gateway Park across the street from inlingua English School

To celebrate our first summery day after three long weeks of clouds and rain and the end of another successful session of English language learning, our students took to the Rosslyn Gateway Park after English classes on Thursday, May 26 for some soccer and volleyball. Situated right across the Francis Scott Key Bridge from Georgetown, Rosslyn Gateway Park is a calm, green oasis in Arlington’s bustling business district, and, luckily for our students, only steps away from Inlingua!

The summer session at Inlingua Washington DC promises to be filled with opportunities to practice English outside of class. Starting June 1, activities will be held five days a week, with Saturday excursions happening monthly. Our next soccer game will be held on June 10, so get a team together with your classmates and head to Rosslyn Gateway Park for some friendly competition!
Click here to view Inlingua’s summer activities calendar and here for some other activities being held this summer at Rosslyn Gateway Park!


My Experience in Inlingua

I did my internship at Inlingua Washington DC. I worked with Laura Medina, who is the Marketing and Sales Manager. At first, I noticed that Inlingua is a great place to work because the staff members are very friendly and helpful. The environment is great and the students are very friendly to all people.

In my internship at Inlingua, I was involved in the Marketing area. I had some great tasks like write on a blog about my experiences, write the feedback for the social activities that I attended, filmed a congratulations video for Inlingua’s partner, Boalingua, among others. But my favorite activity in Inlingua, was to attend the Social Activities. In the Social Activities we have the Conversation Club and we visit different touristic places like museums, monuments and parks. So this was my favorite because I met people from all around the world that study In Inlinga and I went to the museums and touristic places with them. I had a great time in Inlingua and I will never forget this experience and the people I met.

I am thankful for this opportunity of working in a great place, with great people because I learned a lot and I hope to come back one day to Inlingua Washington DC.

inlingua English student enjoying the city at night
Trip to New York

20141213_110629 20141215_025723

Last Friday, December 12 I went to New York City with some friends of the Mexico 100 program. One of the great things of living in Washington DC, is that New York is very close, so you can plan your travel and go to New York very easily.

We arrive at 10 pm and we use the metro to get to our Hostel. The metro was very confusing compared to the Metro in Washington DC, so we got late to the Hostel. When we arrived the Hostel, we checked in and went to take a walk near the Hostel and we walked in the Central Park. We returned to the Hostel early because we wanted to get some rest because the next day we were going to walk all day long.

The next morning we woke up early and we went to check in to another Hostel that was in Times Square. We leave all the luggage in the hostel and went for a walk to Times Square. We walk a lot that day so we saw many buildings like the Empire State, The Chrysler Building, also we went to Little Italy and Chinatown. At the next day, we went to see the Statue of Liberty and the Brooklyn Bridge. It was awesome to visit this two places because they have a great view of all the city.

The trip was great and I had a good time, even though we had some problems with the hostels because it is very difficult to reserve one. But I prefer to live in Washington DC because it have many activities during the year and also is more beautiful. So if I had to choose from living in New York or living in Washington, I would pick Washington.

Visit Washington DC while studying English
Visit to The Pentagon

DC pentagono

Last Wednesday the Mexico 100 group went to a visit to The Pentagon that was organized by The Washington Center. We met at the Pentagon Metro Station at 10:30 and we enter at 11. There was a lot of security at the entrance and we had to show our passports to enter. When we enter, we went to the waiting room and I bought some things at the gift shop and took some pictures in there because that was the only place we could take pictures.

We were very excited to start the tour because The Pentagon is  the headquarters of the United States Department of Defense, so it’s a very important building and very special to visit.

The tour was guided by two military women and they explained all about the air force, the navy and the military. Also, they explained to us the meaning of the different types of medals that the military receive. After that, they took us to the place were the plane crashed at 9/11 and it was very sad. There was a room were all the victims’ names were written and there was a book were you could  write a message for the victims’ families. At the end of the tour we visited the Pentagon Memorial.

This visit was great and I learned a lot of things about the military, also I had the chance to see inside the Pentagon and that was one of the things I wanted to do in my stay at Washington DC.

Best ESL program in Washington DC
Living in Washington DC

DC capitolio 2 DC obelisco

Hi everyone, today I’m going to talk about my experiences of living in Washington DC. I’ve been here at Washington DC for 9 weeks and it has been a great experience. I like living here at Washington DC because it is very peaceful and it is a very beautiful city. Also, because it’s very different from Saltillo that is where I live in Mexico, so everything is different for me. One of the best things in Washington is that it has many museums and historical monuments and most of them are free. I’ve been in many museums and all of them are great. Also I went to a concert in Veteran’s Day and it was great.

My favorite museum I would say, it’s the Natural History Museum because I like the animals and the outdoors, but the one I found very interesting was the Air and Space museum, because you can see how the astronauts live in the rockets and all they have to do when they are in space.

The best way to know Washington is to walk everywhere, because you can see the streets and the buildings, so I always try to walk instead of taking the metro. I still have a lot of places to go, but I hope I visit all of them before I go. This has been the greatest experience in my life and I would definitely recommend to come and visit Washington DC.


My First Thanksgiving in The United States

Thanksgiving Day is a national holiday celebrated primarily in the United States as a day of giving thanks for the blessing of the harvest and of the preceding year. It is celebrated on the fourth Thursday of November. Thanksgiving has its historical roots in religious and cultural traditions.

In Mexico, we celebrate Thanksgiving but not as much as in the US. People decorate their houses to reflect their spirit about this holiday. Mexican Thanksgiving feast consists in a long dinner table and have turkey most of the time. For Mexicans, Thanksgiving is more about spending quality time with family and friends .

Thanksgiving is important to Americans because it’s a holiday that is all about counting the blessings and sharing a meal with their families.

In Thanksgiving I gather with some friends from the Mexico 100 program, and we had a nice dinner. in a friend’s apartment. We didn’t have turkey for dinner because none of us knew how to cook it, but we prepare tacos and pasta. It was a great day because I spend it with my friends and it’s the first Thanksgiving that I don’t celebrate with my family. When we finished dinner, we went to the mall and it was too crowded, so we couldn’t buy anything and we just went back to my apartment and watched movies.

The Benefits of Learning a Second Language

Hi everybody, today I’m going to talk about the Benefits of learning a second language. My native language is Spanish. I started to learn English when I was 6 years old in the school at 1st grade. I was in the American School of Saltillo and half of my subjects were in English, so the program was intended to teach English in different subjects, not only the English class.

When I was in high school, I realize the importance of knowing a second language such as English, and today I could not agree more.

Learning a new language takes time and dedication. Once you do, being fluent in a second language offers numerous benefits and opportunities. Learning a second language is exciting and beneficial and it offers practical, intellectual and many aspirational benefits.

Here are the some benefits of learning a second language:

-Better job prospects

two business men

You will be indispensable at your place of work as you can easily bridge the cultural gap between the two countries, and those with the ability to speak a second language are more likely to find a job.


Learning a new language is a an achievement anyone can be proud of and also is satisfying. When you work hard to achieve something, you will experience the many benefits associated with learning a new language and you will have a new found confidence.

-Experience new cultures

You will have the chance to see new things from a new perspective, and connect with the new people all over the world.

students on grass